Why aren’t my messages playing?


  1. Make sure the systems plugged into a power source and it’s on.
  2. The cable between the phone system and the player may not be connected.  Check that the LIU (white cable) is pushed in as far as it can go on the player and on the phone system.
  3. If everything is plugged in, the power is on, then we need to determine if it’s a problem with the phone system or the on hold messages player.
    • Make sure the green light on top of the player is flashing rapidly.  If it isn’t, open the side panel on the player and check that the memory card is pushed in as far as it can go, then, unplug the power cord and reconnect.  The green light should now be pulsing slowly and messages should start playing once again.
    • If the messages are still NOT playing once you have done this, unplug the power cord and reconnect and your messages should continue playing as per normal.
    • If the green light is pulsing and all cords ARE connected properly, it may be your phone system causing the problem that is the issue.  You can test this by plugging in a headset (ie. your iPOD headphones will do) into the player itself where the phone system cable usually plugs.
      If the messages are heard via the headphones but not through the system, check with your phone system maintenance provider that the programming of the system is still correctly playing the external ‘music on hold’ source.
    • If there is a solid (not flashing) red light on top of the player, turn the on hold message unit off then back on.

If these tips don’t fix  the issue call us for assistance on 1800 837 844