Do I need hardware?

The majority of phone systems require an external advice to operate an on hold message setup. On Hold Advertising however do include this as part of your tailored message on hold solution. The hardware we provide has no moving parts and its digital technology provides you with easy updating options.

Do I need a technician to install my On Hold Message Service?

In most cases …NO. As long as your phone system can or is supporting an audio device like a CD or radio then you’re good to go. It’s just a matter of unplugging those audio devices and plugging in our box! In some rare cases, depending on how your phones system is programmed, you may require some minor tweaking. If the event of this occurring, we can advise of someone who could do this within your local area.

Is On Hold Advertising’s messages on hold hardware compatible with my phone system?

As long as you have an office standard phone system that’s within 15 years of age and NOT a single line Telstra home style phone, you shouldn’t have any problems. Your system simply needs the capabilities to plug in an external audio source.

How easy is it to change my message and how often should I do it?

We have 2 types of hardware depending on what On Hold Message Solution you choose.

In the case of the basic setup, when you want a replacement on hold message, we send you a replacement memory card not unlike the memory card in a digital camera. This card contains your new message on hold and it’s just a matter of unplugging the old …then plugging in the new!

With our more advanced On Hold Message Solutions, you can simply plug into the Internet and download all your new messages at the click of a button.

As a general rule of thumb, if your products, services and information that’s presented to your customers constantly changes, then it’d be advisable to update your on hold messages to remain current with the changes. Running the same message for too long can easily become a stale and dated. Your on hold messages should be updated 2 to 3 times per year at the very least! However, frequent updates should be made if you find a lot of regular callers are frequently placed on hold.

How do I know YOUR on hold equipment professionally reliable for my business?

All the equipment & systems offered by On Hold Advertising offer state of the art technology designed and tested specifically for the purpose they are proposed for. Our on hold systems are digital, no moving parts, no mechanical breakdowns and provide flexible updating options. Companies offering domestic technology that may run on a battery, can be difficult to operate or update, and lack critical features required for long term reliability and award winning sound quality.

How long do my messages go for?

Our standard on hold recording messages average between 15 to 30 seconds in length. This ensures when clients call, they don’t have to wait long before hearing a completely NEW & FRESH on hold message from beginning to end!

Once my on hold message plays through, does it automatically start again?

Yes. Our digital on hold players will automatically loop back and commence from the start again. With our more advanced on hold message solutions, the messages being played can be prioritised more randomly or with message specific rotations.

When someone phones, what part of the message do they hear?

If you have 3 callers on hold, all 3 callers will hear the same instance of the message at the same given time and new caller to the queue will come in at whatever point the message is at. That’s why we recommend keeping your messages short, between 15 & 30 secs.