Messages On Hold For Sporting Clubs

Get An Unfair Advantage With On Hold Messages

Whether you’re a local club or a national team the objective is the same – brand loyalty and keeping members involved and educated about what’s going on. When you think of leading sports clubs there are a few key words that really come to mind. Words like professional, image, profile – and these are words also synonymous with the services On Hold Advertising provide.

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On Hold Advertising’s message solutions ensure that whatever your sporting enterprise, when someone calls, they’re educated about your services and hear right away the image, profile, and professionalism you represent. On Hold Advertising’s on hold message solutions make sure your business is pitched in the most professional light first time, every time thanks to state of the art recording and production facilities. Call 1800 837 844 today and see what On Hold Advertising’s on hold message solutions can do for you.

Why Sporting Enterprises Need Messages On Hold

Whether you’re a large sports management company, a local sporting club or a sports store, you’d be surprised at how many new and established clients don’t know the full extent of your services, products & facilities that are available to them. On hold messages can be used to highlight those products & services. On hold messages maximise your advertising dollar too. So rather than callers listening to silence, they’re totally engaged, listening to what you can offer them.

No wonder on hold advertising is such a successful medium for the sports industry when you consider on a daily basis in business:

  • 70% of all calls are placed on hold
  • The average on hold time is a staggering 43+ seconds
  • 90% of new callers hang up after 40 seconds without on hold
  • 34% of callers that hang up will not call back
  • Callers stay on hold up to 3 times longer because of our on hold messages

What Clients Listen For In An On Hold Message

We’ve created on-hold message solutions for a broad range of sporting companies and have a good idea which messages work. We create all our messages from scratch and usually include:

  • What makes your products, services & facilities unique
  • The range of products and services available
  • Match dates & times
  • Industry experience
  • Awards
  • Your website

Once we speak with you, we’ll be able to work out what makes your club unique and tailor a message to suit your needs and budget. Have a listen to our sports industry audio examples and call 1800 837 844 to see how we can customise an on hold message solution of your very own at no cost.

Why choose us?

  • State of the art on hold message production reinforces and echoes your desired image
  • On Hold Advertising will make you sound professional
  • We offer on hold message solutions to suit your needs and budget
  • We give you a free customised messages on hold demo within 24 hours
  • Our on hold messages are backed with our 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

On hold messages help you:

  • Educate clients about products, services & facilities available to them
  • Maximise your advertising time and dollars
  • Sound incredibly professional to potential and existing clients
  • Reinforce why customers are making the right choice in using your services for their sporting needs

On hold messages target a captive audience waiting to hear more about your business. Maximise your advertising time and experience your very own customised on hold message today at no cost. Call 1800 837 844 and let us tailor a messages on hold solution for your business.