Voice Over Talent

Once you hear how talented our voice over artists are – you’ll understand why we say they really are artists.  We only employ talented male and female voice over talents – trained to alter their voices to create the perfect mood and tone to reflect your business. Just like actors, they’ll adjust their tone, articulation, intonation and pitch to create an on hold persona that speaks directly to your target audience.

Listen to our audio samples:

Whether you want a laid-back traditional-Australian male accent, a gentle and friendly female voice, a corporate John Laws-esque baritone, or even a combination of both – they do it all with flair.  Combine that with our captivating scripts and state of the art recording equipment and it’s easy to see why our on hold messages are such outstanding quality.

You wouldn’t trust a 2nd rate advertising agency to produce and create your TV or radio ads, so why accept anything less than the best voice actors for your on hold message that 1000’s of your valuable customers will hear?  Call us today to get your free demo within 24 hours and hear our exceptional quality voice-overs and messages for yourself.