Platinum Package

Platinum Just Got Even More Valuable!

Regular on hold message setups play the same message again and again, day after day.  The Platinum Package retains, attracts and sells more because it gives your business fresh & new messages on hold every 90 days.  By going Platinum you get:

  • 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Brand new message on hold updates every 90 days
  • Captivating, relevant and entertaining content means your business enjoys further sales increases
  • Turn your on-hold time into additional advertising time
  • Enjoy a one on one session with our expert marketing team, determine together what makes your business unique and tailor an on hold message to suit
  • As many alterations to the script as it takes until you’re 100% happy
  • An on hold production worthy of a Grammy with the latest royalty-free music
  • State-of-the-art on hold message equipment to play your message to callers 24/7 each time they are put on hold

Platinum Shines And So Will Your Sales!

We guarantee that our quality on hold message productions will help you increase sales, customer satisfaction and awareness, or you pay nothing. You’ll get even greater success with your on hold message by regularly updating it, keeping it fresh and vibrant.

Our Platinum Package gives you message updates every 90 days for only $5.71 per day.  Captivating, relevant and entertaining messages mean that your business persona stays as current as your business and never grows stale. But that’s not all – having fresh new on hold messages every 90 days creates so much more opportunity to convert airtime into selling time.

We back all our on hold messages with our 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. This gives you the chance to hear the quality of your new on hold messages live in your business long enough to get customer feedback. If, for whatever reason, you’re not completely happy after 30 days, just return it to us.  No hard feelings, no questions asked and you haven’t lost a cent.

Get all this with the Platinum Package:

  • Relevant & Fresh: With updates available every 90 days, promote the ‘latest and greatest’ in your business as well as mix up your on hold messages’ voice and music.
  • Individuality: What makes your business different? What sets you apart? Do you have any special promotions and special offers that you want customers to know about? Which tone and language would best reflect your business culture and personality?  Rest assured we get down to what makes your business tick, ensuring your on hold message reflects your companies uniqueness.
  • Originality: Our creative writers usually develop your brief into 8-10 key on hold messages – which may run 4-5 minutes in total – using the language that echoes your audience and exactly what you want to say to them.  We can make it sound as corporate or laid back as you want.
  • Attention to detail: As many changes to your script as it takes until you’re 100% happy.
  • Entertainment: Our incredibly talented voice over artists will create an entertaining on hold personality that speaks directly to your target audience. Leave it in our very capable hands or choose your favourite  voices from our huge selection of artists.
  • Audio Magic: Australia’s leading sound engineers will mix your message with the latest royalty free music and transform it into an on hold production worthy of a Grammy.
  • Technology: The latest on hold message equipment to play your message to callers each time they are put on hold – day and night.

Upgrade To The Diamond Package For 43 Cents A Day Less

You read correctly.  Right now On Hold Advertising you can upgrade to Diamond for less than the Platinum package.  So you get more for less.  The Diamond Package’s Set & Forget technology is transforming the way companies advertise and sell using on hold messages. As a client, you only need to get involved once; just choose the time & dates that your messages will play.

Enjoy the automated Set & Forget features the Diamond Package offers for this very special introductory offer and experience the latest messages on hold technology at an unbelievable 43 cents less per day than our Platinum Package.  On hold messages that stay fresh, relevant and time specific 365 days a year are now a reality.

Can’t decide which message on hold package is for you?  Give us a call on 1800 837 844 and not only will we give you your own free customised demo, we’ll also help you find the best messages on hold solution for you.  Does your business or franchise have more than one site location?  Check out our bulk discount on our Multi-Site Package available across our Gold, Diamond and Platinum services