Diamond Package

Why ‘The Diamond’ Is Brilliant For Your Business

Only $36.95 per week, that’s a mere $5.28 a day.  The Diamond Package’s Set & Forget technology makes dynamic, automatically updated messages a reality.  No more playing the same message over and over, day after day.  Other message on hold companies have to contact you (or you, them) every time your message content needs updating, this is time consuming and expensive.  The Diamond Package’s Set & Forget technology means you’ll only have to get involved once for your callers to hear a unique, relevant on hold message every time they call.

You get a full calendar year of unique on hold messages for your business and callers, including real-time caller infotainment 24/7/365 with special caller-only deals such as product launches, weekly ‘best buys’, seasonal product range promotions and time-specific messages for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and more.

Illuminate Sales With The Diamond Package

  • The Diamond Package is the only messages on hold package that allows for a full calendar year of unique messages on hold to be uploaded, then programmed to change whenever you decide
  • You get increased messages on hold flexibility
  • Exclusive programming of your messages on hold to update automatically at a specific preselected time – e.g. monthly or weekly
  • As a client, you only need to get involved once
  • Real-time caller infotainment 24/7/365
  • Our exclusive introductory Diamond Package offer of only $5.28 per day gives you an opportunity to create more sales than ever.
  • Pay 43 cents less per day than our Platinum Package to have on hold messages that stay fresh, relevant and time specific 365 days per year

But that’s not all.  With the Diamond Package you still get:

  • A personal marketing session with our expert team, establishing what makes your business unique, promotions you have on offer as well as the sound you want to portray
  • Creative writers and sound engineers who tailor make your message to reflect your business’s personality
  • Unlimited alterations
  • An on hold production worthy of a Grammy with the latest royalty-free music
  • State-of-the-art & exclusive on hold message equipment to play your message to callers 24/7 each time they are put on hold
  • 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Discover How The Diamond Genuinely Increases Sales

If the information is relevant, it logically sells more.  The Diamond Package enables you to set specific on hold messages for a specific time & date.  On Hold Advertising’s on hold equipment has been designed with in-built clocks & calendars that ensure dynamic message updates are a breeze.  Our Diamond Package’s Set & Forget technology makes the updating of on hold messages so easy and makes them sound so current as if they were recorded that very morning.  Imagine how impressed your customers will be with on hold messages tailored for each day of the week. E.g. “We know its Friday afternoon so ask about our soon-to-expire weekly specials. It is exactly what you need and it’s on sale right now so don’t miss out”.

We back all our on hold messages with our 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. This gives you the chance to hear the quality of your new on hold messages live in your business and long enough to get customer feedback.  If, for whatever reason, you’re not completely happy after 30 days, just return it to us. No hard feelings, no questions asked and you haven’t lost a cent.

For only $5.28 per day, the Diamond Package gives you:

  • Technology: State-of-the-art on hold message equipment to play different segments of your marketing message to callers 24/7 every time they are put on hold. Your messages will automatically update to play what you want, when you want.
  • Value: Other companies charge you $1000’s for regular message updates. Save time and money with us by only needing to get involved once.
  • Freshness: Your callers will always be entertained by new voice-overs and background music to complement your message content
  • Individuality: What makes your business different? What sets you apart? Do you have any special promotions and special offers that you want customers to know about? Which tone and language would best reflect your business culture and personality? We ensure that your on hold messages reflect your distinctive details each step of the way.
  • Originality: Our talented writers develop your brief into a minimum 18-20 captivating marketing messages (that’s generally 3-4 times longer than the industry standard). It’ll sound completely natural (or corporate, or laid back) as you want and speak to your audience in a language that resonates with them.
  • Attention to detail: You get to make as many alterations to the script as it takes until you’re 100% happy.
  • Entertainment: Our gifted male and female voice-over artists develop an on hold persona that speaks directly to your target audience. Choose your favourite voices or leave it in our very capable hands.
  • Audio Magic: Experienced sound engineers transform your message into an on hold production worthy of a Grammy with the most up-to-date royalty-free music.

Does your business or franchise have more than one site location?  Check out our bulk discount on our Multi-Site Package across our Gold, Platinum and Diamond messages on hold services.