IVR What Is It?

Auto Attendant

Autoattendant technology can automate the answering of your calls by greeting callers after a selected number of rings with a message that says, “Thank you for calling our office.  Your call is important to us, please hold, we’ll be with you in a moment”.  Our professionally produced auto-attendant message service ensures amateur recorded greetings are a thing of the past.

IVR (Interactive Voice Technology)

If you want your callers to be directed efficiently to specific departments when the auto attendant kicks in, IVR technology can manager all that too. Depending on the level of details you require, IVR can communicate with the caller and the caller verbally communicates with the IVR, for example; “If you wish to be directed to accounts, please say ‘Accounts’, now.”  The caller can then verbally say one or the other and be directed accordingly.  Linking IVR with auto attendant ensures that what your callers hear not only sounds fantastic, but most importantly it shows that you value their time by implementing a system that makes their life easier too.

Implement IVR And Auto-Attendant Today

You can call a company and it’s like playing a game of verbal ping-pong – passed from one person to another, then back to the original person and in the end are told the person you’re after isn’t even available.  Don’t put your clients through the same headache. The evolution in phone answering services is here. Auto attendant and interactive voice recording systems ensure you never miss a call. When your business is taking calls, the auto attendant working alongside the IVR system ensures clients are courteously greeted by a tailored on hold message and directed to a specific department, and all at the touch of their phone pad. No confusion for them, and no lost callers for you.

Auto Attendant & IVR Technology …Do It Properly

You’ve invested in state-of-the-art auto attendant & IVR systems for your office but you have Cheryl from accounts who’s recorded all your messages.  Sure, she did a high school theatre production back in 1957, but when your clients call, they don’t know whether they’ve phoned a serious business or an overly excited local resident.  Our professionally produced auto-attendant & IVR message service ensures amateur recorded greetings are a thing of the past.  Our voice-over artists guarantee you sound professional and callers aren’t listening to amateur answering machine recordings ever again.

After Hours Greetings

Business may be closed for the day, but your professionally recorded auto attendant IVR on hold messages ensure your company’s professionalism is reflected.  No more, “just leave a message after the tone”, On Hold Advertising’s team of creative writers, producers and voice-over artists can tailor an after-hours message to echo who you are as a business.

At On Hold Advertising we help new customers sound fantastic every day and create professional first impressions with our unbeatable quality messages on hold for auto attendant & IVR systems and all at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.  Call today 1800 837 844 to discuss all your on hold message needs.