Messages On Hold For IT Companies

With So Much To Say In IT, Why Don’t You?

The problem with the IT industry is that there’s just so many elements. Perhaps you offer on site assistance, remote support, servers, software or all of the above. The key is to educate your customers and this is where on hold messages can pay for themselves many times over. Our leading on hold messages not only create a phenomenal first impression for your customers but also educate, up sell and entertain and help customers to feel like they’re on hold for less than they actually are. Just listen to our audio samples!

You see, the great news is that IT companies traditionally leave customers on hold longer than other businesses. Your clients will voluntarily wait to speak to the technician handling their computer issues and presto – you have a completely captive audience that is just sitting there, voluntarily, waiting. Sound great, educate and up sell! What are you waiting for? Try our messages on hold today for free. Call 1800 837 844 today and see what On Hold Advertising’s on hold message solutions can do for you.

Why I.T. Companies Needs Messages On Hold

Whether you’re a large IT company or a one-man consultant, it doesn’t matter. You’d be surprised at how many new and established clients don’t know the full extent of your services and products available to them. On hold messages maximise your advertising dollar, too. So rather than callers listening to silence they’re totally engaged, listening to what you can offer them. No wonder on hold advertising is such a successful medium for the IT Industry when you consider that on a daily basis in business:

  • 70% of all calls are placed on hold
  • The average on hold time is a staggering 43+ seconds
  • 90% of new callers hang up after 40 seconds without on hold
  • 34% of callers that hang up will not call back
  • Callers stay on hold up to 3 times longer because of our on hold messages

What Clients Listen For In An On Hold Message

We’ve created on-hold message solutions for a broad range of IT businesses and have a good idea of which messages work. We create all our messages from scratch and usually include:

  • What makes your products & services unique
  • The range of products and services available
  • Emergency call-out facilities available
  • Industry experience
  • Awards
  • Your website

Once we speak with you, we’ll be able to work out what makes your business unique and tailor a message to suit your needs and budget. Have a listen to our IT industry audio examples and call 1800 837 844 to see how we can customise an on hold message solution of your very own free.

Why choose us?

On hold messages help you:

  • Educate clients about products & services available to them
  • Maximise your advertising time and dollars
  • Sound incredibly professional to potential and existing clients
  • Reinforce why customers are making the right choice in using your company for their IT needs

On hold messages target a captive audience waiting to hear more about your business.