Messages tailored to your business’s unique personality

Professional On Hold Messages and Music

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Looking for business on hold messages that are tailored for your company and work?

If you’re serious about your company image and brand then let us show you why we’re the perfect choice for your next message on hold solution. Finding the right hold music and a communications company that is able to offer a tailored solution for your business is important. That’s why at On Hold Advertising we offer:

Choose on hold music that suits your business or utilise customer waiting time with tailored advertising solutions. Your business’ on hold communications could be helping you sell or educate callers to the services and products you provide. Invest in the professional on hold messaging services from us today.

Why use on hold advertising?

On hold services educate, entertain, cross sell and up sell. Did you know?

  • 70% of all calls are placed on hold.
  • The average on hold time is a staggering 43+ seconds.
  • 90% of new callers hang up after 40 seconds without a hold message.
  • 34% of callers that hang up will not call back.
  • Callers stay on the line up to 3 times longer because of our tailored messages.

No business can afford to run the risk of customers hanging up. That’s when investing in professional on hold messages saves you money and wins you extra business. Call us on 1800 837 844 today and take advantage of our FREE business message demo.